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Amusement Parks

​Kids with food allergies ride rollercoasters too!  Here are important tips and topics as you prepare for your amusement park visit:

Amusement Park Ride
  • Call ahead before your visit to confirm park policies; security at the park entry may not know important details.  

  • Keep all medications with you. Don’t keep meds in a car or locker.  Some parks will offer to keep meds at a First Aid station, though it is best to keep meds with you.

  • If more than one person in your group has allergies be sure each person has medication with them in case your group splits up. A good rule is to always have epinephrine within reach.  

  • Bring your own snacks in case you have trouble finding something safe to purchase inside the park.  Some parks allow small coolers for meds and food from home. Confirm that security will allow this in the case of food allergies. (Some parks generally limit food from outside but will allow for medical reasons.)  A doctor’s note may be required.  Find out before you go.

  • Ask about allergy friendly packaged food that might be available and which shops or restaurants have these.  This information might be on the park website, or you may need to call ahead.

  • Some parks provide a list of dishes prepared at each restaurant, along with ingredient and allergen information.  Confirm that the information is up-to-date and accurate for your visit (i.e. ingredient lists and recipes may change).  A food service representative or manager may be available to discuss ahead of time by phone and/or in person when you are at the park.  Ask about the procedure for ordering and serving allergy safe dishes.  Will you meet the chef?  Will you meet the restaurant manager?

  • Here’s a listing of parks that our members have visited successfully:

    • Ocean Breeze – Virginia Beach

    • Busch Gardens – Williamsburg

    • Water Country USA – Williamsburg

    • Sea World – Orlando

    • Walt Disney World – Orlando

    • Sesame Place – Langhorn PA

  • Travel agents our members have worked with successfully

    • Pixie Lizzie - Disney Food Allergy Travel Agent

      • Our group member, Charity Luiskutty, has booked with Pixie Lizzy many times and is now a travel agent with that group.  You can ask for her specifically.  Pixie Lizzy is an entirely separate organization and not related in any way to CoFAS.

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