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FAACT's Roundtable Podcast: Presented in a welcoming format with interviews and open discussions, FAACT’s Roundtable podcast episodes cover all aspects of living with food allergies across the lifespan. You don't want to miss out, so subscribe, sit back, relax, and welcome FAACT into your homes! Please note that our guests are not compensated in any way by our generous sponsors to participate in specific podcasts.

Listen to FAACT's Roundtable Podcast episode with our President, Charity Luiskutty!

​High school and college are new frontiers of food allergy self-management and independence for students. But how does a caregiver guide their child to independence in safe and impactful ways? We’re sitting down with Charity Luiskutty, an active parent of high school and college-aged children, who shares her experience and best tips!

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Reference Books
(most are available on

The Complete Peanut Allergy Handbook

by Scott H. Sicherer MD
Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating when Your Life Depends on it

by Scott H. Sicherer MD
Food Allergies for Dummies

by Robert A. Wood MD
Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Food Allergies by Scott H. Sicherer MD
Living with Allergies

by Emma Amoscato

Children's Videos 
(most are available on

“Alexander the Elephant Who Couldn’t Eat Peanuts” 
“Alexander the Elephant Goes to School” 
“Binky Goes Nuts” - PBS Arthur episode 

  • Free in 2 parts on Google Video

  • Buy the video through

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Children's Books 
(most are available on

A Day at the Playground  by Tracie Mulari-Schrand
Alexander the Elephant book series 
Allie the Allergic Elephant by Nicole Smith
The Bugabees Friends with Food Allergies by Amy Recob
Chad the Allergic Chipmunk by Nicole Smith
Cody the Allergic Cow by Nicole Smith
The No Biggie Bunch book series by Heather Mehra & Kerry McManama
No Lobster Please by Robyn Rogers
No Nuts for Me by Aaron Zevy
The Peanut Free Café by Gloria Koster
The Peanut Butter Jam by Elizabeth Sussman Nassau
Nutly the Nut-Free Squirrel by Stephanie Sorkin
Food Allergies & Me: A Children’s Book by Juniper Skinner
Land of Not by JJ Vulopas and Bill Dussinger
Macy’s Teal Pumpkin by Suzy Brophy
Macy’s Teal Easter Egg by Suzy Brophy


You’ll find a wide range of recipe books at most book stores/sites and on  Also recipe websites offer a wide range of ideas for using alternate ingredient and cooking methods.  Just “google” what you’re craving!


Restaurant Links

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*Our website provides information about resources that may be of interest to people managing food allergies. This does no constitute or imply recommendation or endorsement by CoFAS.

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