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Cruise Ship


Planning to set sail on the open seas? Cruising with food allergies can be done! 

Summer Vacation
  • Look for a travel agent who has worked with food allergies before.

  • Before booking your trip ask questions about food (and food prep) options. 

  • Ask about qualifications of the ship medical officer and other staff.  Will the team be prepared to handle a severe allergic reaction?  Will there be a supply of epinephrine onboard?  Is medical evacuation an option?

  • What are policies/procedures for guests with food allergies?  Will all onboard restaurants be prepared to accommodate food allergy needs?

  • Are fast food options are available for guests with food allergies?

  • Are child care providers trained to recognize food allergy symptoms and administer epinephrine if needed?  How can parents be reached onboard if concerns arise? Would medical staff come to the child care area to help manage an allergic reaction?  

  • Is food served in the child care area?  What are procedures for food allergy safety during meals and snacks?  What are clean up procedures for tables, chairs and toys after meals and snacks?

  • For port excursions could you take a picnic prepared onboard so you won’t need to find food at port?  

  • Consider the travel itinerary.  Sailing along the coast (vs deep water sailing) may allow for easier evacuation if needed. Ask about medical evacuation options in the region of travel. 

  • Larger ships usually have more dining options, though you might have rotating wait staff.  Ask about availability of snacks and takeout breakfast that will work for food allergies. 

  • Consider a travel insurance policy.  Cost efficient options are available.

  • Plan to bring your own snacks and shelf-stable food options in case you miss a scheduled meal or your child craves a familiar food.

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