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School Backpack

Planning for School

In southeastern Virginia you’ll probably find that your teacher, school nurse and principal will be ready to work with you on a safety plan for your child.  Most school staff in our area are experienced.  Below are links to policies and forms you can use as you prepare to work with your child’s teacher and nurse.

FARE provides comprehensive resources for going to school with food allergies, including school guidelines, trainings and forms.  These are good resources to compare with what your school uses.
Virginia Department of Education provides the following for schools:

  • How to recognize and treat allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

  • Authorization for trained staff to administer epinephrine

  • Authorization for a student’s health provider to prescribe that a student can “self-carry” an epinephrine auto injector for emergency use

Virginia independent schools have similar guidelines and resources, though policies and practices may differ by individual school.  Parents should ask school staff for specific information.
This link provides the forms usually used in Hampton Roads schools, both public and private.  

Additional Resources

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